Wealth Management Solutions

Mestmaker & Petrey Wealth Advisors is able to provide an array of wealth management solutions for high net worth individuals. We are able to offer to our clients and prospective clients many products and services that many other firms cannot offer. As part of our wealth management solutions via Raymond James we are able to offer a truly unique experience through an invitation only visit to the Raymond James national headquarters in St. Petersburg Florida were you will meet with several members of the wealth management team.


Manage Your Assets. Protect Your Wealth. Build Your Legacy.

There’s more to legacy planning than leaving an inheritance or a charitable gift.  As we look back on our lives and all we’ve created, we seek to pass along our values and the traditions that matter most to our families.  Our legacies give meaning to the concepts of charity, community and philanthropy.

Because we are uniquely acquainted with you, your family and your plans for the future, we can help you make legacy planning a worthwhile endeavor.  Working with specialists at Raymond James and your attorney or tax professional, we will help you develop a plan to maintain your lifestyle without sacrificing your commitment to the people and causes you cherish.


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