daniel petreyDaniel Petrey

CFO, CCO & Co-Founder

As a Taft Native, being close to family and other loved ones is important. Also important, is a strong work ethic, which is indicative of Daniel’s background as he started paying for college by working as a paperboy at the age of 10. Daniel’s family also instilled the value of a college education.

Daniel received his AA degree from Taft College and immediately began pursuing his B.S. degree at California State University Bakersfield.

He received his B.S. Degree from California State University Bakersfield and decided he could make a difference in people’s lives by teaching. He also received his Teaching Credential at CSUB and taught for many years in Bakersfield.

His long working career brought him incredible experience in dealing with different people, situations, and solutions all while building an interest in Business and Finance as he studied his father’s investments.

As a teacher, Daniel could not shake a growing passion that he developed for business and finance. As a result of his entrepreneurial desire, he owned various businesses and continued to be overwhelmed by a desire to further his education which resulted in an M.B.A. degree from California State University Bakersfield.

After completing his M.B.A. at CSUB, he accepted an offer from Morgan Stanley and was employed as a Financial Advisor. While at Morgan Stanley, he was recognized as a Retirement Planning Specialist.

The combination of his entrepreneurial, teaching, and investment passions has led him to be co-founder and create Mestmaker & Petrey Wealth Advisors, Inc. While working with a partner who shares his values and work ethic, he is committed to offering customized, tailored, and specific services to specific clients.

In addition to a strong and continued desire to understand and study the Stock Market, Daniel also enjoys sports, coaching, and spending precious time with his family.